im just thirsty
i want to be a hipster but that would be too main stream


One Direction - watercolors 

Anonymous :  Do you know the larry army fic where Harry is in the army and leaves Louis home and Harry gets hurt and at one point Harry won't let doctors help him so they make Louis convince him via phone???? I've been looking for ages and can't find it or remember where I found it :(


hold onto your stars i believe! a super super great fic 

Larry Walking Dead AUs


there’s not much out there and I can’t be that picky here, so here’s a few shorter fics on this topic that were good:

I wish there was way more fics on this topic tho :(


1D on the Run

full pic (x)


why am I here all this website does is make me angry goodbye


Harry in music videos complete! Hella cute even with the mozart hair if ya ask me.

On mugs and more 

Other Boys: Zayn tbc


Niall is One Direction’s biggest fan

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